Choosing the perfect lipstick for you

The quintessential makeup product, lipstick, is often one of the trickiest to get right. With an endless array of brands, colors, and textures to choose from it’s no wonder so many women battle to pick out the perfect lipstick without having to spend a fortune just to test them out. And, it’s incredibly disheartening spending your hard-earned cash on a new lipstick only to discover it doesn’t come out quite as stunning as you were hoping for. Fortunately, there are several things we can consider before purchasing a new lipstick to help us find the perfect product for us. We have compiled these tips in an easy to read list that will outline ways in which you can start spending your money wisely in search of the next best lipstick!

How to choose the perfect lipstick for you

Pinpoint your skin tone

The most common reason lipsticks don’t end up looking as delightful as we intended is that they are not the right color for our skin tone. It is essential that we really consider our specific skin tone and look into the combinations that would give us the best results. The 5 main skin tone types include fair, light, medium, tan, and deep, and each of these call for a different color combination on the spectrum.

The ideal lipstick colors that work with fair or light skin tones include light pink, coral, peach, and dusty reds. For medium skin tones, you should consider rose, berry, cherry red, or mauve lipsticks. Tan individuals should opt for rock coral, deep pink, bright reds, and steer clear of browns and purple shades.

Those with deep complexions should purchase plums, caramels, wines, and blue-based reds.

Consider your undertones

While skin tone forms the basis of finding a perfect lipstick, you will need to consider how your skin undertones affect the outcome of the look once the lipstick is applied to your lips. There are three types of undertones, including cool, warm, and neutral undertones. You can determine your skin undertone by discerning if you have yellow or gold hues, warm undertones, hints of blue or pink, cool undertones, or a mixture of the two, neutral undertones. Below are some color combination ideas:

Warm undertones: nude, pink, ruby.
Cool undertones: peach, copper, bronze.
Neutral undertones: a wide spectrum of colors.

How to choose the perfect lipstick for you

Lip shape

Your lip shape will also play a role in determining the perfect lipstick for you as you can apply slight variations in shades to your different lips depending on the shape. For example, those with top-heavy lips could consider a bright lipstick for the bottom lip and a darker lipstick for the top. These kinds of combinations, although a little more complex, can create alluring looks that standout.

Lip size

Before you can set off and purchase the perfect lipstick for you, you should also take note of the size of your lips. There are certain colors one should avoid depending on lip size and we have provided a general outline for these directions below to help you save time and money in your search for the ideal lipstick to elevate your elegant look.

Voluminous lips: steer clear of light, glossy lipstick shades with glittery textures that would otherwise over-accentuate your plump lips.
Thin lips: Avoid lipsticks that are too dark or flashy as they may hide your lips even further. Opting for glossy and creamy lipsticks can add some plumpness to your look.

Your hair and eye color

Besides your skin, it is important to consider your hair and eye color and how this could affect finding your perfect lipstick. There are a wealth of combinations to consider in this area, especially when combining these colors with skin color. This can become quite complicated, but, there is a wealth of research available to you to help you get a better idea of the perfect combinations.

Following these few simple steps will give you the leg up when searching for the perfect lipstick for you, an endeavor that could otherwise become incredibly time-consuming and costly. Be sure to consider every aspect before making your purchase and you should not be disappointed next time you smear on your new lipsticks. Happy lipstick shopping out there!