Why glasses are the one item you should always have in your purse

Leaving your glasses at home and then only realising later is not only inconvenient, but can also cause unnecessary eyestrain. Glasses are a burden when we don’t need them but feel like life-savers when we do need them. So, here’s a few reasons why glasses are the one thing you should always keep in your purse.

Why glasses are the one item you should always have in your purse

Eye strain

Contacts are expensive and, let’s face it, not everyone can afford them. So it seems like a much better idea to keep glasses in your purse. This ensures that they’re always there when  you need them. A big reason most of us get glasses is because of eyestrain. This is especially true for people who work day jobs where they sit in front of the computer and look at a screen for most of the day. Computer light makes our eyes especially sensitive as it is made of something called blue light. This cool toned lighting comes from most computer backgrounds being white. Although this is helpful for looking at things on the computer, it is bad for our eyes in the long term. Eyes adapt better to yellow toned light. Glasses nowadays are made with lenses that have a filter for blue lights that can help with this eyestrain and stop your eyes from getting tired.

For driving

Nearsighted folks often have difficulties while driving. The problem is the road only looks blurry once you’re already in the car. This is why it’s better to keep glasses in your purse to avoid a situation where you’re driving and can’t see the road clearly ahead of you. If you find your eyes getting tired at night while driving this is also a good option as you may not need to wear your glasses during the day but find that it’s harder to see the roads at night. So it’s often best to keep your glasses at hand for situations like these.

To reduce headaches

There is nothing worse than the feeling of your head hurting because you forgot your glasses at home. Eyestrain is bad enough but it doesn’t hurt as much as the headache that comes from it. Instead of popping dozens of headache pills, just put your glasses in your purse. It will stop you from squinting your eyes all day and, more importantly, it will stop the tension headache you might  get from your optic nerve straining. Headaches from blurry vision make it difficult to concentrate. So make yourself way more productive and put your glasses in your purse.

Why glasses are the one item you should always have in your purse

To look smart

This isn’t as superficial as it sounds – it’s actually a great life hack. Studies have shown that glasses make a person look smarter. Those who wear glasses tend to be perceived as responsible, productive, and intelligent. This can be used when you need to look more formal. In meetings, wearing glasses will impress those around you. For presentations, glasses are a great way to get people to listen. At job interviews, a great way to improve your chances is wearing glasses.

It just makes sense to throw your glasses (in a protective case, of course) into your bag so they’re always there when you need them. They help improve your overall health, productivity, and appearance. With so many reasons to wear them, glasses are definitely the one thing you should keep in your purse and the rest will follow.