The most memorable fashion lessons from Gossip Girl

It has already been eight years since the final episode of Gossip Girl graced our screens, but somehow it felt like it was just yesterday that we got an exclusive look into the lives of the upper east siders. This could be because the series seemed to be way ahead of its time. While the show gave us a never-ending fix of drama, plot twists, and iconic one-liners, the one thing that really made the show stand out was the fashion. Even when a scene called for pajamas, everything about the outfits just looked like it was fresh off the runway press and far ahead of the trends. To celebrate the upcoming HBO Max Gossip Girl reboot, we are taking a look at some of the best fashion lessons from Manhattan’s elite.

The most memorable fashion lessons from Gossip Girl

Sheer logic

If there is one lesson we can all take from Gossip Girl, it is that tights should never, we repeat, never be mistaken for pants. And this valuable information comes straight from the mouth of Queen B herself. And as comfortable as they may seem, the same rule applies to leggings. On the way to the gym or in the comfort of your own home is the only time jeggings, tights, leggings, and flannel pants are an acceptable choice of bottoms. In public, they are best paired with dresses, tunics, skirts, or under your jeans for added warmth in the winter.

Find your signature

Almost every character in the show had their own signature accessory that made them stand out from the rest. Blair was best known for her glitzy headbands, Serena for her oversized blazers, Chuck for his power scarves, and Vanessa for her delightful boho-inspired oversized earrings. Accessorizing with timeless pieces like a broach or neck scarf is the perfect way to add a little personality to your outfit.

Invest in a coat

Just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t still look super stylish. Gossip Girl did a fantastic job of teaching us the many ways a trench coat can be used to make even the most basic outfits look amazing… and warm. From bold lavish prints to bright red or baby pink, a statement coat is a stylish wardrobe staple that will help keep the winter blues at bay.

Say yes to sequins

It is safe to say that sequins stole the spotlight in most episodes of Gossip Girl. And although it has already been eight years since we last saw Blair or Serena strut their stuff in sparkly outfits, the sequined fabric is still very much in style. From glitzy gold blazers and shorts to black sequin dresses and tops, a little bling is still a great statement piece for any occasion.

The most memorable fashion lessons from Gossip Girl

Stockings and socks are underrated

The fashion gurus behind Gossip Girl showed the world just how underrated and undervalued a pair of cute socks and stockings are. Hemlines were only trimmed higher when the girls were vacationing in the Hamptons or visiting Paris for the spring, but for everyday NYC life, textured and colored stockings were used to glamourize most of the outfits in the series. This fun and genius hack is a great way to turn any outfit from revealing into conservatively elegant.

Mix prints with prints

Most of the outfits featured in Gossip Girl are daring and bold, to say the least. This is especially true when it comes to mixing and matching vibrant colors and prints. Often we see Serena and Blair wearing stripes together with bold floral prints or bright statement patterns. Another common trend was pairing checkered shorts, striped blazers, and of course, a checkered shirt for maximum effect. When done correctly, patterns work incredibly well together and are an ideal way to add your own customized flair to any outfit.

There are some who adored every aspect of the hit series Gossip Girl and there are others who had their reservations about it. But if there is one thing most of us can agree on is that Gossip Girl brought us some of the most memorable fashion moments that are still relevant to this day. Whether you prefer preppy and polished or prefer a whimsical bohemian flair, there is something for everyone to love about these outfits!