Vintage fashion items that are coming back with style

They say that what goes around comes around and this couldn’t be more apt for fashion. Over the years we have seen trends come and go, circling back to a point where those bootleg denims we forgot about in the depths of our wardrobe suddenly became relevant again. Nostalgia is a powerful thing and it drives much of the upcoming vintage fashion trends that we will be sharing with you so that you can get a head start in crafting your ultimate 2020 wardrobe. Check out these vintage fashion items that are making waves as they are in style today!

White shirt dresses

Once procured from the mens aisle after they fell off the style trends centuries ago, white shirt dresses are starting to speckle women’s fashion stores more than ever before. These staple pieces are a go-to look that is suitable for a casual day or can be dressed up for a function. Back in the day, they were much longer and more covering but now they are a little more revealing for a saucy and sensational leggy look you will be besotted with this summer. Though minimal, the classic white shirt dress is far from drab and will elevate your wardrobe.

Vintage fashion items that are coming back with style

Bishop sleeves

If someone told you bishop sleeves would be back better than ever two years ago you would be stunned by their bold thinking. These voluminous sleeves are over the top and eccentric, perfectly suited to the 2020 style and you’d be hard-pressed to find a shop that isn’t stocking them in one shape or the other. Find yourself a white bishop sleeve top to add some drama to your ensemble that will blow your friends away.

Duster coats

The duster coat trend came back around the time of Macklemore’s iconic Thrift Shop jam, but fell off sometime after. In 2020, we are seeing it come back in full force and not merely as a thrifted item. Elaborate dusters, distinct from their 1800’s forebears, are lining the walls of many upscale fashion stalls and are quickly becoming a go-to winter item you simply cannot live without. These are perfect for a layered ensemble that you can chop and change as the weather cools off or heats up, providing you with fashion versatility throughout the day.


With one Google of the word scarves and you will stumble upon heaps of articles outlining the various ways you can wear this accessory to diversify your look, and one of the trending ways is to wear them around your head. In fact, specifically designed headscarves are becoming more and more common with the rise of this style. What’s great about the charming headscarf is that you can wear it in several different ways to find the ideal position that matches your outfit.

Vintage fashion items that are coming back with style

Cat-eye glasses

These distinct frames are quickly becoming the most common pairs you’ll see when you are cruising your neighborhood’s most fashionable streets. The vintage accessory comes in all shapes and sizes but retains the iconic cats-eye allure of its nostalgic roots to give you a modern rendition of a fabled staple. You simply must hit the stores to shop for the ‘Grease’ inspired frames.

Faux fur coats

Faux Fur Coats were at their peak during the 1970’s and have always been in the background of fashion trends. Many opted for real fur coats later into the 2000’s, but, with the growing concern over the environmental implications of mass production more and more individuals are choosing faux fur over real fur in an attempt to support wildlife conservation. It is an extremely positive trend that retains all its fashionable charm. You will be ecstatic to be a part of this year as you get into gear.

Your fashion trends of 2020 spread across a broad spectrum of categories, garments, and generations, providing a pastiche of some of the world’s best moments in fashion. The choices are limitless and you can easily adapt the latest looks by searching the stores for any of these soon-to-be-beloved 2020 staples, items that will always become trendy again at some point in the future. Invest in your ensemble and stay ahead of the trends with these essential picks!