Best ways to avoid wrinkles in your clothes

Ironing once reigned supreme as the wrinkle-reducing technique to ensure that your clothes looked in tip-top shape before heading out to a fancy function or delightful date. Alas, spending hours every week with an iron in hand is not the most exciting task, often proving more of a hassle than a slightly creased shirt. Because the process is so tedious, clothing manufacturers and washing product companies sought to eliminate the ironing chore altogether. Clothes today are stitched in specific ways to avoid wrinkles and washing powder products seen on the shelves of grocery stores claim to reduce the amount of creases through innovative new chemical technology. It is becoming easier than ever to efficiently get your clothes wrinkle-free.

The best ways to avoid wrinkles in your clothes

Though, we can all agree that products don’t always operate as intended and often our trusted machines can let us down when we need them to work most, leaving us in a state of wardrobe panic as we prepare for our upcoming events. Practicing proper washing techniques is a fool-proof way to minimize wrinkle-risk and save you time getting ready.

Organize your clothes like a pro

Simply put, how you store your clothes will be a primary contributor to wrinkles or lack thereof. The simple practice of proper organization can be your ticket to throwing out the iron altogether. Whether you have learned your folding techniques from your parents or are merely winging it, you may not be implementing the most effective wrinkle-reducing folding technique out there. Thankfully, Marie Kondo has come to the rescue and her visionary folding methods are something to behold. Seriously, the viral influencer has taken the art of folding to the next level! Check out her numerous videos on her social pages for insider knowledge into her renowned methods and you will be one step closer to eliminating wrinkles from your wardrobe.

Sort out laundry loads

You’ve done your best pieces for the week and you are running out of clothes. Now it’s time to get down to washing, and the first step is sorting out your laundry loads. You won’t get away with wrinkle-free items if you just throw the batch in the machine altogether. It is imperative that you couple your laundry into categories to bring out the best in each piece. The stock standard tip is to separate whites with whites and darks with darks. But, take it one step further and start separating your clothes by fabric and weight. For example, don’t wash cotton with denim. This can become a tedious process at first, especially if you have a lot of different fabrics on the go, but over time you will come to know your clothes like the back of your hand and be a sorting pro with zero wrinkles.

The best ways to avoid wrinkles in your clothes

Dry like you mean it

Yes, we know. You are on the go and typically yank your clothes from the dryer into the basket and quickly throw them over the remaining rows on your clothesline. It’s an efficient way to begin the drying process but it’s not always the best method to reduce wrinkles. Taking your time and practicing proper drying methods will help you avoid deep-set creases once your clothes have dried. Starting with the dryer itself, ensure that you are maintaining the fabric tip mentioned above to avoid deep wrinkles forming in heavier clothing. Thereafter, draw each item from the machine and give it a strong snap to rid of any other items and small wrinkles formed during the dry. Be sure to not over dry your items in the machine as strong wrinkles may form. Once you have snapped them from the machine, hang shirts and blouses on coat hangers for a final dry and, in cases where items have over-dried, spray them with a light linen mist before doing the same process. Neatly fold items that you are not hanging up, using the Marie Kondo Method, on a smooth, clean surface before packing them away for later use.

While these tips may seem simple, they are extremely effective and taking the time to put the appropriate measures in place will help you avoid a potential wardrobe wrinkle malfunction.