Parenting lessons we can learn from Kate Middleton

It’s clear that the current generation of Royals is really bucking a lot of Royal traditions. As a result, they are becoming a lot more relatable to those of us who don’t have palaces. Aside from how to look utterly elegant all the time, we can learn a lot from Kate Middleton. As well as being a wonderful duchess, she is a fantastic mom.

Gender roles are old fashioned

Gender roles are very heavily ingrained in the Royal Family, but as it’s 2019 things are making huge strides elsewhere in the world. These days the Royal babies are no longer being made to stick to gendered hobbies. For example, both Charlotte and George enjoy soccer and dance, and Kate has explained that she doesn’t want to impose any stereotypes.

Parenting lessons that we can learn from Kate Middleton

Motherhood can be hard

Most of us find at least some of motherhood overwhelming at some point, especially in those first few weeks. It’s easy to pretend that everything is perfect – even more so if you are in the public eye. However, Kate is not afraid to admit that there can be “stresses and strains” involed in being a mother. She believes that asking for help is okay and should never be seen as weakness. Hear hear!

It’s fun to get a little messy

You are unlikely to see a Royal looking anything less than immaculate, but when it comes to her children, Kate is not afraid to get her hands dirty. She will help them make pizza from scratch and even go on bug hunts with her kids!

You need to make time for yourselves

Kate is an incredibly present parent. This is fantastic considering that many in her position would hire nannies, and she declined anything like that where possible. However, we all need a break, and time to reconnect with our spouse. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are no exception, making sure they spend quality time together outside of Royal duties and parenthood.

Parenting lessons that we can learn from Kate Middleton

It’s important to discuss your feelings

As advocates for mental health awareness, it makes sense that William and Kate have imparted this on their children. Kate has written at length about how they want to ensure the children have the tools to talk about how they feel and support their friends as they grow up.

No one is immune to Peppa Pig

Apparently, George is a big fan of Peppa Pig and Fireman Sam, and his parents have to pretend to care about the characters as much as the rest of us. We love the idea of Prince William having to do the snorts in the Peppa Pig theme tune every time it’s on!

Sure, she walked out of the hospital looking better than any of us ever have, let alone just hours after giving birth. Her babies will be just like ours though – refusing to sleep, vomiting on new clothes, and pooping in a clean nappy! Still, we can learn a lot from Kate Middleton – a really fantastic mother.