Why you should always keep a dream journal

It’s likely you have journaled at some point in your life or another. Either you’ve taken pen to paper to reconcile a specific event in your life or simply jot down some thoughts you’ve needed to get off of your chest. If you have done this then you could probably vouch for its effectiveness and, if not, we can highly recommend journaling as it is a wonderful hobby that can have tremendously positive impacts on your life. More specifically, dream journaling can be an extremely beneficial undertaking if you have been feeling down and out lately. Here are some benefits to help you decide whether or not this pastime can add value to your life.

Why you should keep a dream journal

Work through what you are feeling

One of the best benefits of writing things down is that you are able to process them much easier. Once you have written something down, you can revisit it at any time to gain clarity on the emotions that you were feeling at the time of writing. When keeping a dream journal, you will begin to curate a catalog of your subconscious thoughts as reflected in your dreams and will be more readily able to process them and their distinct parts. You can begin to unravel commonalities that thread through your dreams, painting a picture of fears or worries that may be plaguing you under the surface. You will be able to read deeper into your dreams and uncover the anxieties that may be spurring on specific imagery within them. This is an incredibly powerful practice that gives you control over your dreams, an area of your life you may have until this moment felt powerless within.

Spark creativity

Dreams are not always dreadful experiences that leave us feeling scared when we wake up. Often dreams can be paradisal destinations of endless possibilities where our wildest imaginations are set free. These places can be an incredible source of inspiration provided we are able to tap into them when we are awake. This is almost impossible if you are not keeping records of your dreams because as quickly they happen while we are sleeping, they are lost from our minds moments after we have gotten out of bed. Monitoring your dreams with a journal the second you awake will fuel a record of creative inspiration that could potentially light your spark and support passion projects you’ve been yearning to explore.

Why you should keep a dream journal

Tap into lucid dreaming

Lucid dreaming is a fascinating phenomenon whereby individuals are able to reach self-awareness within dreams and control their actions in the dream state. Few of us are able to do this at will even though we may have experienced a lucid dream at one point in time. By tracking your dreams in a journal, you may be able to tap into this lucid dream state more easily as you are actively engaging your conscious thoughts in an area designated for the subconscious mind. Creating a strong link between the two will give you more power over your mind, potentially allowing you to lucid dream at will. This is not necessarily a guarantee, however, it could set you on the right course to manifesting positive emotions within your dream state.

Combat anxiety

Working hand in hand with working through what you are feeling, keeping a dream journal will help you combat anxiety as you will be able to accurately pinpoint the specific things in your waking life that are causing stress and tension. With the records of your dream journal, you can begin to see how these anxieties and their resulting effects on the subconscious mind begin to fade as you acknowledge them and put measures into place to reduce real-world anxiety.

Live more goal-oriented

By keeping a dream journal and minimizing anxiety, you may be able to focus more of your attention on your goals. This can do wonders for your waking life as you will no longer be hindered by subconscious stresses that are only holding you back from reaching your potential. You may begin to live life more attuned to your goals and overall vision should you practice positive dream journaling.