Makeup tips every woman should know 

The world of makeup can be so confusing and scary when someone first starts out. There are a million products for every use, and so many people have different opinions on what works and what doesn’t. But a good face of makeup can make anyone glow, so here are some tried and tested tips for makeup that every woman should know.

Less is more

With things like eyeshadow and blush, and even foundation, it’s so easy to get carried away. The problem is that it can go from fabulous to frightening quickly when too much makeup is involved. For foundation, avoid putting too much on by doing it in layers. Start with a nickel sized amount of foundation and apply it to areas that need it. Avoid making it thick near the eyes, chin, and mouth as these places move the most and might crease. For blush, look for colors that suit your skin tone. It should not be as dark as an eyeshadow when you swipe it on. Aim for a light wash on your cheeks. This can be done by tapping the brush lightly in the product and then swiping it with a slight hand onto the face. Eyeshadow is different because it requires practice to do. The more you practice the better you get, but beginners should start with lighter colors. Avoiding colours like black, green, blue, and so on will stop eyeshadow from looking unnatural and too heavy. Shimmers can help accentuate an eye look in a good way.

Makeup tips every woman should know

The tools matter

When painting, the paintbrushes can make a huge difference to the quality of the artwork. The same can be said for makeup. It’s not necessary to buy the most expensive bristled brushes, but pay attention to the tools you use. Some people spend hundreds of dollars on makeup only to slap it on with the incorrect tools. When looking for makeup brushes, the size matters. There are so many guides for which brush to use when, but the general idea is the bigger the brush the less accurate it is. So smaller brushes are good for eyeshadow, medium brushes for bronzer or blush, and large brushes for powder foundation. For powders like eyeshadow and setting powder, a soft brush is necessary. The fibres of the brush should be dispersed as powder requires a light touch. For creams and liquids like foundation, either a sponge or a dense brush will work. The dense brushes make for a more even and precise application. Sponges have become popular as they allow liquid makeup to be more dewy and natural than if it is applied with brushes.

Multi-use products are great for a girl on the go

Makeup can take time and it’s natural that we may want to maximize our routine’s efficiency to be able to get ready quicker. Getting ready quicker means more time for other things. For this, multi-use products are great. They take up less space in a makeup bag and are cheaper than buying multiple products with only one use. Bronzer is great as it can add color to the face but also define the eyelids if used as an eyeshadow. Pink-toned lipsticks can double as a cream blush. An eyebrow pen can make a great eyeliner that is less harsh than liquid black eyeliner. The possibilities of getting products to do as much as possible are endless, as long as you get creative!

Makeup tips every woman should know