Wondrous ways to dress for a vacation

So you’ve planned a little getaway down to the travel costs, destinations you will be visiting, and activities you will be partaking in during your trip. The next step is to start packing and preparing your outfits for your time away. Whether your wardrobe is chock full of staples to work with or you need to head to the shops to procure some essential items, we have prepared a series of items that you should be on the lookout for your next vacation. From stylish jumpers to suitable shoes, these recommendations will help you prepare several wondrous ways to dress up during your trip.

Wondrous ways to dress for a vacation

To make planning easier for you, we have divided these ideas into vacation specific categories. Check out our recommendations below:

Beach retreat

A bikini or single swimsuit are go-to essentials for any beach holiday and we recommend taking a few for your vacation. This will give you some variety when heading down to the pool or out for a cruise along the ocean. You could go for a minimal striped costume for a classy poolside look or opt for a floral pattern if you are visiting a vibrant tropical destination. To complete your beach retreat ensemble, we recommend pairing your costume with a chiffon shawl and tortoise pattern sunglasses. These will elevate your style and be more comfortable when sitting around the pool or nipping off for a quick bite to eat. Complement your costume with a shawl that is either vibrant if you have chosen a minimal costume or minimal if you have chosen a busy pattern on your costume.

Colder weather

Layers are the key to a stunning winter ensemble and we highly recommend leaving with layers if you are planning to visit a cold destination. You can begin with a pair of staple jeans and start layering your tops from shirt up to duster coat. Duster coats are a vintage item that’s all the rave right now and they will elevate your ensemble to a fashionable statement getup you will show off throughout your trip.

Casual trip away

A casual trip away may require more laid-back items such as shorts, shirts, and skirts. However, you can still spruce up your outfits during these trips to craft an elegant style to be proud of. We recommend long, thin skirts that flow down to your feet for light suppers with spectacular views and white shirt dresses, another fashion statement staple for 2020, for casual days touring the towns. If you are spending time at fancy spots in your destination then bring along a cocktail dress for a classy night out.

Wondrous ways to dress for a vacation

Safari escape

Comfort is key here and you will need to procure a collection of comfortable shoes ranging from sandals to trekking boots. Although you’ll be hiking through the jungle, fashion does not need to take a backseat. You can take along a pair of breezy white shorts to give your legs room to cool down and pair them with a stylish vest. There is no harm in looking good while you hike. Bring along a big sun hat for your game drive safaris to avoid the sweltering sun stifling your experience.

Business time

A pants suit is a staple business trip outfit you simply have to leave the house with. Dress to impress by opting for a suit that accentuates your best features and do not go for something that you feel like you’re drowning in. You can compliment a pants suit with some elegant accessories such as hooped earrings and necklaces to give it that feminine edge. We also recommend bringing along some flowing pants and elegant shirts to pair together during business dinners that are more casual than the day time meetings, providing you with comfort and style during your trip.

These ideas only scratch the surface of how you can look good while enjoying your exciting time away from home, but still provide a solid foundation to work your outfit from. No matter the type of experience, whether out in the verdant forests or on pearl-white shorelines, you can show off your fashionable style with these simple guidelines for each type of trip.